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Poster: Halinaw Date: Jan 7, 2010 1:15pm
Forum: texts Subject: texts in Russian

Hello from Poland! Could somebody help me, please, to get proper Russian letters on my screen in texts I find and want to read? On the screen I cannot see them properly. They all look as in the text (screenshot) I attach. The code page (Unicode UTF-8)works well on other sites but this of Archive.
Maybe I should download some fonts missed on my machine but how to know which ones....?


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Poster: garthus Date: Jan 7, 2010 3:05pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: texts in Russian


If this is a screenshot from the read online version, you may have to reset your fonts in the browser. Other option is to download file and read it from your desktop. If you look in the browser settings there may be several different Cyrillic font styles, you will have to play around with it. With Mozilla I have no problem with cyrillic fonts, which browser are you using?


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jan 8, 2010 12:49am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: texts in Russian

Why it it a problem in PDF books? and the read on line version uses its own font codes, which call up fonts installed with your operating system.

I think the setting you first need to check in all browsers is

Fonts and Colours (Firefox option, other name in other browsers) and there also you find your (Unicode UTF-8) setting, UTF-8 does not chose fonts, its a setting for how html and text is encoded and lightly compressed for transmission over the WWW in packets.

And turn on

>>>>>>>>>>allow web pages to use their OWN fonts and NOT my customised settings.

That option is in ALL browsers. It could be that you are FORCING the read on line, to use YOUR choice of fonts, and not the font it knows it really needs and tries to use.

And generally it is always turned on, as using your own customised choice of fonts and font size distorts a lot of web pages, so they do not appear correctly on screen.

The option is often used by sight impaired people to make web pages easier to read, so for them, a distorted web page is not a problem.

If that setting does not help, it is very likely you dont have the correct fonts installed with Windows, if that is your operating system, maybe because your Windows install disk, was intended for a county not really using the fonts you need, example, it might be your Windows OS install disk was for English using countries which might be why you are having to FORCE web pages to use your choice of fonts.

Microsoft update, would be your best source of fonts if you need them, look for a entire package of the fonts and install the lot (they come in packs of fonts, not font by font). If you use a Mac or a Linux distribution, you check there for additional fonts.

All Operating Systems need to be installed, specific to the users intended language, it may be for example you downloaded and installed the English version of Ubuntu, but the Polish language version (If available, I think it is) might have been better, including the fonts you need in your locality. Windows is bought and paid for, possibly there is a free add on pack as I say above you can download to make your version more specific to you being in Poland close to Russia after which you dont need to FORCE your choice of fonts.

If you have a Mac, shock horror, but unlikely, a Mac would not have the problem you have, unless you got rid of the fonts you need by choice and FORCED use of your choice.


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